Project Description

高度??: 283??毫米

重量??: 6.0?公斤


??最大输出值?: 9.00??吨?/ 80.1 kN


??尖端空隙?: 32??毫米

??最大撑开距离?: 81??毫米



? 连锁楔形设计:撑开器使用上,该第一档片进齿时不会发生弯曲情况,也不会有滑出法兰的风险







Height: 283 mm

Weight: 6.0 kgs


Max Output : 9.00 tons / 80.1 kN

■?Spreader Capacity:

Tip Clearance : 32 mm

Max. Spread : 81 mm


Integrated wedge concept: friction-free, smooth, parallel wedge movement eliminates flange damage and spreading arm failure.

Unique interlocking wedge design: no first step bending and risk of slipping out of joint.

Requires very small access gap of only 6 mm (.24 in).

Few moving parts means durability and low maintenance.


Safety Block

Wrench (22 mm)

Plastic carrying case
(Case sold separately)