Project Description

1/4英寸驱动器x 5英寸复合快速释放棘轮

  • 72齿齿轮可产生仅5度的工作摆动弧
  • 偏置手柄为手指提供额外的间隙
  • 快速释放的驱动器柄脚牢固地锁定在插槽上
  • 聚壳在寒冷的温度下保持舒适,并防止刮擦制成的零件
  • 柔软舒适的防滑橡胶握把

1/4 Inch Drive x 5 Inch Composite Quick-Release Ratchet

Item #1456
  • 72-tooth gear produces a working swing arc of just 5 degrees
  • Offset handle gives fingers extra clearance
  • Quick-release drive tang locks securely on to sockets
  • Poly shell stays comfortable in cold temperatures and prevents scratching of finished parts
  • Soft and comfortable nonslip rubber grip

产品描述 Description



72-Tooth Gear?=?5° Swing Arc

Dual pawls maintain four teeth in contact with the gear at all times, ensuring that it won’t slip or skip under stress.




The strong, one-piece steel head and handle is completely jacketed by a tough, high-impact poly shell, preventing accidental contact damage with nearby surfaces and making it comfortable to use in cold temperatures.


  • 套筒通过定位球和锁定销锁定在棘轮柄上,以防止其掉落或脱落。
  • 按下释放按钮,可使承窝轻松脱离柄脚,甚至可以单手更换承窝。


Lock-On,?Quick-Release Drive

  • Sockets are locked onto the ratchet tang by a detent ball and locking pin so that they can’t fall or be pulled off.
  • Pressing the release button allows the sockets to easily drop off the tang, making even one-handed socket changes possible.

Also available in Non-Quick-Release?




The offset handle creates extra working clearance for fingers, preventing scraped knuckles, and features a soft, contoured grip for nonslip control, even with greasy hands.

产品参数 Specs

Country of OriginTaiwan,China


1/4 Inch Drive x 5 Inch Composite Quick-Release Ratchet

A. Length5.8 in.
B. Width1.0 in.
C. Height1.1 in.
D. Head Thickness0.55 in.
E. Working Length5.4 in.
Weight0.22 lb.
Tooth Count72