绝缘罩,橘红色,SALCOR II型天然橡胶,用于和常规线管配合使用来覆盖针式绝缘子。绝缘罩具有RIB-GRIP结构,可以在绝缘子的下方锁定。大直径臂和邻近绝缘罩的小臂重叠,从而形成双臂结构,不论针之间的距离是否相同都可以在连接处确保绝缘。

红色的SALCOR II型材料制成并带有RIB-GRIP结构。OR101带有表面橡胶肋,当与UC2连接管配合使用的时候,可以与内径为51mm和64mm的常规线管配合使用。较小的OR114可以用来覆盖最大直径为121mm的变压器衬套。OR124可以覆盖包括硬件在内总长达635mm,最大直径为121mm的复合绝缘子。也可以选择备用带。



UH 针形绝缘罩可以用于覆盖最高达ANSI C29.5 5级的绝缘子。侧面经过剪切,不用依靠横臂就可以在小绝缘子上使用。当覆盖一个在双臂结构上的直径为7英寸的绝缘子时,绝缘罩的端部将与销中心的平面接触。
LRG SU系统针形绝缘罩适合直径为267mm的绝缘子,需要和64mm 4级延伸唇SU系统线管一起使用。一定要使用锁紧销来固定装置。罩臂上放置了防止分离的钉环。

柱型绝缘罩可以内部锁定38mm 4级延伸唇SU系统或常规线管。

绝缘罩采用橘红色的SALCOR 材料制成并特有RIB-GRIP 结构。它们可以用带电操作杆或佩戴橡胶绝缘手套进行安装。

ProteCtors & Covers
conventionaL system

insulator covers, in orange, weather resistant Type ii SAlCOR,
are used with conventional line hose to cover pin-type insulators.
all covers feature RIB-gRIP construction to lock to the
underside of the insulators. The large diameter arm overlaps the
small arm of the adjoining cover on double arm constructions
which provides complete insulation at the joint regardless of the
varying distance between pins.

Dead end Protectors cover 4.25” and 6” bells or polymer insulators
with a skirt diameter of less than 6”. The protectors are made
from orange Type ii SAlCOR with RIB-gRIP construction.
OR101 has outer ribs that allow it to be used with 2” and 2.5”
i.D. conventional Line Hose when using the Uc2 connector. The
smaller OR114 may also be used to cover transformer bushings
up to 4.75” in diameter. OR124 can cover polymer insulators up
to 4.75” in diameter and 25” overall length including hardware.
replacement straps are available.

To work on live lines safely, conductors encased in a line hose
should never be placed directly on a cross arm. CROSS ARm
COvERS reduce electrical stresses on line hose or jumpers.
cross arm covers fit standard cross arm pin spacing and each
unit has interior ribs to minimize shifting on the arm.

Flexible CuTOuT COvERS can be used for overhead cutouts
as well as for underground pad-mount applications.

Insulator Covers
extended Lip sU system
The uH PIN-TYPE COvER covers insulators up to ansi
standard c29.5 class 5. The sides are cut to be used on small
insulators without resting on the crossarm. when covering a 7”
diameter insulator on a double arm construction, the ends of the
cover will meet flush on 10.5” pin centers.

The lRg Su SYSTEm PIN-TYPE COvER fits insulators
10.5” (267 mm) in diameter and is used with 2.5” (64 mm) class
4 extended Lip sU system Line Hose. always use clamp pins to
secure the device into position. Pinning rings have been placed
on the cover’s arms to prevent separation.

POST-TYPE INSulATOR COvERS interlock with 1.5”
(38 mm) class 4 extended Lip sU system or conventional Line
Hose. The PTHS for insulators up to 12” (305 mm) and the
PTHl for insulators up to 16” (406 mm) in height. The PTHl
cover also has external ribs on the ears which secures 2.5” (64
mm) i.D. line hose. always use clamp pins to secure the device
into position.

The class 4 mRg uNIvERSAl COvER covers pin-type
insulators through 8.5” (216 mm) diameter and 13.8 kV post-
type insulators. a trim bead permits use on both 35 kV and 15
kV crossarm construction.

The uSC STIRRuP COvER is a lightweight cover that
can be installed using rubber gloves or a hot stick. The Usc also
feature riB-GriP construction and is meant to be used with
extended Lip sU systems or conventional Line Hose.

all covers are made from orange saLcor and feature riB-GriP
construction. They can be installed with a hot stick or rubber
gloves. all covers comply with asTm specifications.

CaBle end CaPs & arrester Covers
cable end caps are applied with rubber gloves. They are used on high voltage
distribution cable ends found in vaults, cubicles and substations when cable remains
energized during work. cable end caps are made from Type ii orange saLcor.

neW lOOPEd CABlE ENd CAP The Looped cable end cap is an
improved version of our self-securing cable end cap in that it allows for versatile
applications. The product can be applied with appropriate rubber insulating Gloves
as with our standard cable end caps, but the looped end feature also enables the
product to be applied using a hotstick.

SElF-SECuRINg CABlE ENd CAPS for Underground Distribution are
rated at 20 kV, and have a minimum wall thickness of .25”. They keep moisture
and contamination off trimmed cable ends. The self-securing slot keeps the
cable locked safely inside the end cap. These cable end caps are applied with
rubber gloves.

lIgHTNINg ARRESTER COvERS are made from Type ii orange
saLcor. The slot allows the cap to fit directly over the energized lightning
arrestor and the line connection. Lightning arrester covers can be applied with
rubber gloves or a hotstick.

ClEAR CABlE COvERS are made from clear PVc round or oval tube. each
cover has a grip all handle attachment for installation with an insulated grip all hotstick.

ClEAR PvC STRESS CONE COvER has a grip all attachment that
allows this cover to be installed with an insulated grip all hotstick. The inspection
window can be opened for testing with a voltage sensor.