Project Description

3/4英寸驱动器x 22英寸快速释放棘轮扳手

  • 72齿齿轮可产生仅5度的工作回转弧
  • 紧凑的头部小于“矮型” —高度,宽度和长度都减小了
  • 快速释放的驱动器舌片牢固地锁定在插槽上,因此不会意外脱落
  • 光滑简单的手柄设计可在各种手部位置提供舒适感和控制力

3/4 Inch Drive x 22 Inch Quick-Release Ratchet

Item #SRH11322
  • 72-tooth gear produces a working swing arc of just 5 degrees
  • Ultra-compact head is smaller than “low profile”—it’s reduced in height, width, and length
  • Quick-release drive tang locks securely on to sockets so they won’t accidentally fall off
  • Sleek and simple handle design offers comfort and control in a variety of hand positions

产品描述 Description




72-Tooth Gear?=?5° Swing Arc

The single half-moon pawl maintains 11 teeth in contact with the gear at all times, ensuring that it won’t slip or skip under stress.

(The 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch drive ratchets have a 90-tooth gear.)




Unlike conventional “low profile” designs that focus on controlling only the thickness of the head, we reduced the size in every dimension: height, width, and length.


  • 套筒通过定位球和锁定销锁定在棘轮柄上,以防止其掉落或脱落。
  • 按下释放按钮,可使承窝轻松脱离柄脚,甚至可以单手更换承窝。


Lock-On,?Quick-Release Drive

  • Sockets are locked onto the ratchet tang by a detent ball and locking pin so that they can’t fall or be pulled off.
  • Pressing the release button allows the sockets to easily drop off the tang, making even one-handed socket changes possible.

Also available in Non-Quick-Release?


  • 指环具有明显的内部边缘,可用于牵引和控制,可用于任何手指放置。
  • 手柄末端的鞍状结构可以防止手从末端滑落,但也可以倒圆角,以使手感觉舒适。

Sleek, Comfortable?Handle

  • The finger ring has pronounced interior edges for traction and control, and is useful for any finger placement.
  • The pommel at the end of the handle keeps your hand from slipping off the end, but is also rounded so that it’s comfortable for your hands.



Working?Handle Length

To be clear and consistent about the size of our ratchets, we use the actual?working length?(center of drive tang to end of handle), not the?overall length?of the tool. As a result, Tekton tools may be a little longer than other similarly described tools in the market.


我们的棘轮和破碎杆满足重要基准(例如Proof Torque)的行业标准,Proof Torque是通过单周期测试验证的强度度量,该测试通过施加扭矩直到达到指定值而无故障或永久变形。


Our ratchets and breaker bars meet (and most far exceed) industry standards for important baselines like?Proof Torque, a measure of strength verified by a single-cycle test that applies torque until the specified value is reached without failure or any permanent deformation.



产品参数 Specs

Country of OriginTaiwan,China


3/4 Inch Drive x 22 Inch Quick-Release Ratchet

A. Length23.2 in.
B. Width2.2 in.
C. Height2.4 in.
D. Head Thickness1.6 in.
E. Working Length22.0 in.
Weight5.54 lb.
Tooth Count72