Project Description


  • 该棘轮在紧凑的3/8英寸驱动头中使用了TEKTON的90齿棘轮机构。
  • 棘轮设计用于很小的进入空间,具有低杠杆作用和高速度。
  • 延伸到一个小的偏置棘轮中。在部分折叠的位置,手柄不会妨碍您的操作。在完全关闭位置,它是符合人体工程学的手掌棘轮。
  • 关节是无锁的,以保持连续的范围和刚性,因此不会晃动。

3/8 Inch Drive Folding Quick-Release Ratchet

Item #SRH35104

  • This ratchet uses our 90-tooth ratchet mechanism in the ultra-compact 3/8 inch drive head.
  • Designed for use in minimal access spaces, the ratchet provides low leverage and high speed.
  • Fully extends into a small offset ratchet. In partially?folded positions, the handle gets out of the way for greater access. In the fully closed position, it is an ergonomic?palm ratchet.
  • The joint is non-locking for continuous range and stiff so that it doesn’t flop around.

产品参数 Specs

Country of OriginTaiwan,China


3/8 Inch Drive Folding Quick-Release Ratchet

A. Length4.7 in.
B. Width1.2 in.
C. Height1.7 in.
D. Head Thickness0.5 in.
E. Working Length Folded2.0 in.
F. Length Folded2.6 in.
G. Working Length Open4.1 in.
H. Height at 90 Degrees3.7 in.
I. Handle Sweep180°
Weight0.53 lb.