Project Description

12-Compartment VDV ProTech™ Transport Tool Case


  • Upper tier features (12) organizational compartments designed for small parts like connectors, screws or other small pieces you have lying around
  • Lower tier has (6) larger and deeper compartments for any medium size tools like wire strippers and crimpers
  • Heavy duty plastic makes the case surprisingly lightweight, despite its durability
  • Upper tier of compartments are visible through a transparent, hinged plastic lid
  • Textured feet on the bottom of the case aid in overall stability, and help to avoid slippage
  • The entire first tier of compartments swivels upward while you access the lower compartments so you can view both your tools and connectors simultaneously
  • Dual metal locks tightly seal the case and a heavy duty handle makes it easy to carry
  • The sturdy handle clicks vertically into place when in use

12室VDV ProTech™运输工具箱


  • 上层功能(12)组织隔间设计用于连接器,螺钉或其他小件的小零件
  • 较低层有(6)更大更深的隔间,适用于中型工具,如剥线钳和压接机
  • 尽管耐用,但重型塑料使表壳轻巧轻巧
  • 通过透明的铰接塑料盖可以看到上层隔间
  • 表壳底部的纹理脚有助于整体稳定性,并有助于避免滑动
  • 当您访问下部隔间时,整个第一层隔间向上旋转,以便您可以同时查看工具和连接器
  • 双金属锁紧密封表壳,重型手柄便于携带
  • 坚固的手柄在使用时会垂直卡入到位

Keeps connectors and tools organized – lightweight tool case features two separate levels of organization, with removable compartments for small parts and hand tools. It’s the best way to keep all your pieces right where you want them. The outer case of the VDV ProTech Transport Tool Case is built with the worksite in mind. The top compartment swivels to provide access to the lower compartment allowing you to see connectors and tools simultaneously.


保持连接器和工具的组织 – 轻巧的工具箱具有两个独立的组织层,带有可拆卸的隔间,适用于小零件和手动工具。这是将所有作品保存在您想要的位置的方式。VDV ProTech运输工具箱的外壳在构建时考虑了工作现场。顶部隔间可旋转以提供对下隔间的访问,允许您同时查看连接器和工具。